We are doing something this week that we’ve never done before — we’re retiring 4 of our courses.

Wait, what?!?

Yes, after Thursday of this week, we’re discontinuing selling four of our popular digital courses. (If you’ve already purchased them, you’ll still have lifetime access in your account to them. We just won’t be selling them anymore.)

Why? Well, these are courses that have all sold well, but we have a lot of new product ideas for the future and we want to make space for being able to launch those. So we decided that in order to clear out some room, we needed to pare down the courses we currently sell.

One Last Chance to Buy These — At CRAZY Low Prices!!

Before we completely retire these 4 courses and discontinue selling them, we’re going to offer one last chance opportunity to grab these popular courses at a HUGE discount!!

Through Thursday only, we’re offering the following 4 courses for just $4 each. Yes, you . read that right! Here are the 4 courses you can get for just $4 each:

As a reminder, these products will no longer be able for sale after Thursday, January 9, 2020. So this will be your last chance to get these!

Go grab these courses at this insanely low price while you can!

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