5 weeks old!

Kierstyn started smiling at us this week… which is the sweetest thing ever and we all spend a lot of time every day trying to get her to smile! (See more videos of her here.)

Her other big news is that we found out at her one-month checkup this week that she has surpassed her birth weight!! We’ve worked hard for every one of those ounces and that was a huge milestone for her (and me!)

I’m also thrilled to report that after much effort and time and making a few tweaks in the past five days, my milk supply has been up significantly this week!! In fact, I even had enough extra to put three small bags in the freezer this week!! If you’ve ever struggled with low supply, you know what a big deal this is!! I’m so grateful and hopeful that this is going to continue! We’ll see!

She and Champ both are discovering their hands right now and it’s so fun to watch! They continue to be great sleepers and are mostly on the same schedule most of the time. They are such a gift to our lives and we just love having two babies!

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