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Bank of America interest rates are generally low. Its Rewards Savings Account has a 0.03% annual percentage yield, or APY. There are slightly better rates available for customers enrolled in the bank’s Preferred Rewards program. While Bank of America’s overall star rating is 3.5 out of 5 stars, the Rewards Savings Account earns 3 out of 5 stars.

Bank of America’s rates are similar to those at other large banks, but are much lower than what many online institutions offer. (Think 2% and up.)

Bank of America interest rates

Interest rate on balances 0.03%.
How it compares The average national rate for savings accounts is 0.09% APY.
Monthly fees $8, waived for the first six months.
How to avoid monthly fees
  • Maintain minimum daily balance of at least $500, or
  • Link to a qualifying checking account, or
  • Enroll in the Preferred Rewards Program.
Minimum opening deposit $100.
Interest on balances for premium savings accounts Up to 0.06% APY for customers enrolled in Preferred Rewards. (APYs may vary depending on where you live.)

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How Bank of America compares to online banks

Large national banks tend to have savings accounts with low interest rates, in part because the institutions spend a lot of money on physical bank branches. You can find higher rates at online banks. They tend to have savings accounts with high yields, often with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements.

Here’s a comparison of Bank of America savings rates with accounts at top online institutions.

Bank of America CDs and other savings options

Bank of America has other savings options, but they don’t earn much interest, either. The bank offers certificates of deposit; you can open a Bank of America CD with $1,000, which is steep. Rates start at 0.03% APY and go up to 0.75% APY, depending on term length and deposit amount. CD terms range from 28 days to 10 years.

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Find out how much interest you could be earning with the calculator below. The higher the rate, the faster your money can grow.

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