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Birchbox is coming to Walgreens!

Build Your Own Birchbox

Have you been wanting to try Birchbox but you’re not quite sure if it’s worth subscribing? Great news!! Birchbox is coming to Walgreens stores, so you’ll be able to check out the products in person!

Right now it looks like this is only available in select stores, but they’ll slowly be rolling this out at more stores in the coming months.

Birchbox Holiday Box

With this new Birchbox partnership, Walgreens stores will have an entire section of the store dedicated to Birchbox — where you’ll be able to build your own Birchbox, check out some of the most popular Birchbox products, and even buy limited edition holiday boxes!

This looks SO cool! Have you seen these at any Walgreens stores near you? Let us know!

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