This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

Free Homeschool Resources

General Homeschooling Freebies:

Football Coloring Pages – Are your kids football fans? Kids will love coloring these super cute football themed pages!! You will get a total of 52 total pages for all ages to color. And the best part – they are totally FREE!

Football Mini Puzzle Unit FREEBIE – Football season is HERE! Don’t miss thees FREE Football puzzles and activities to your homeschooling for all football fans! These are perfect to add to a sports unit or to sneak in a little learning on a Saturday morning before the game.

Early Learning Freebies:

Sight Word Readers – Vol 5 (here, away, big, little, down, up) – Whether your little ones are struggling with sight words or just reading in general, this Sight Word Easy Readers series just might be the answer. Download yours FREE today.

Football Emergent Readers – Get your little ones excited about the next big game with these FREE football-themed emergent readers!! They come available in four different levels for beginners to those progressing in their reading skills.

Sight Word Easy Readers Volume 6 – Easy Readers are a fun way to help kids work on their sight words and reading skills all in one. In these FREE readers, students will work on words – one, two, three, blue, red, yellow.

FREE Football Themed Tot & PreK-K Pack – Your little football fans will have fun working through this adorable football themed Tot & PreK-K Pack. They will work on beginning letters, sounds, patterns, prewriting, counting and much more in the FREE pack.

FREE Easy Sight Word Readers – Volume 7 – Each of the readers have simple sentences with key sight words they are learning at their level coupled with a familiar picture for the non-sight word. They will work on 7 sight words in 7 books – funny, help, come, find, look, where and said – but, there are also words included from the previous weeks’ sets, so they can keep building their vocabulary and repeating to improve their reading skills.

Free Math & Music Resources:

Using Manipulatives in Your Homeschool + FREEBIE math mats – The main purpose of a manipulative is to give hands-on, concrete understanding of a theoretical concept. Don’t miss these FREE math mats for your kids!

FREE Division Practice with Superheroes – Division can be a tough skill to master. Let these superheroes help your kids learn this skill and sharpen their math super powers! With this FREE Division Practice with Superheroes unit, kids can practice division tables 1-12, word problems, and more.

FREE Multiplication Practice with Superheroes – Help your kids multiply their math super powers with this fun FREE Multiplication Practice with Superheroes unit. Kids have a chance to practice multiplication tables 1-12, word problems, and more, and it’s all based around superheroes.

FREE Math Cut & Paste – Multiplication and Division – You’ll love this no-prep hands-on activity to help your kids practice multiplication and division skills? You can get precisely that with this FREE Math Cut & Paste – Multiplication and Division unit.

FREE Math Facts Copywork Notebook – Nearly 100 Pages of Practice – Do you ever wish there was a way to spice up math practice? Make repetition fun and more exciting by combining it with other subjects. This FREE Math Facts Copywork combines multiplication and division with handwriting practice.

Free Language Arts & Foreign Language Resources:

Resources to Make Foreign Language Learning Fun – Do you want your kids to learn a foreign language, but not sure where to start? Check out these resources to help you get started.

FREE Book Report Worksheets and Printables – Do your kids do book reports? Do you often forget about them? If you’re looking to incorporate more book reports in to your homeschool, check out these FREE options.

FREE Football Writing Activities – Are your kids football fans? They will enjoy using their creativity with these FREE football writing activities!! This set includes copywork and writing prompts for both manuscript and plain lines for older kids.

Free Science and Nature Study Resources:

FREE All About Clouds Printables And Activities – Do your kids love to make shapes or animals out of the clouds? Do they know what types of clouds they are looking at? Learn more about ten of the most common types of clouds, children will love this free hands-on All About Clouds Flip Book.

Travel the World through LIVE Animal Cams – Sometimes it just isn’t feasible to travel and visit a zoo or aquarium. What about seeing animals in Africa on a safari? Not everyone can take that trip in person. Now you can with these LIVE animal cams from around the world!

Resources to Learn About Constellations – If your family has shown an interest in learning constellations and the skies, then don’t pass up the chance to teach them all about them. Check out all these wonderful resources about constellations.

FREE Animal Classification Color by Code – Learning to sort and classify animals into their major groupings is a fun part of science that can’t be missed. With these FREE Animal Classification Color by Code worksheets, students can learn the differences between mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods, and mollusks.

FREE Animal Classification Cut & Paste – Do your kids know animal classifications? Do they know why a dog is a dog? Or a cow a cow? This FREE Animal Classification Cut & Paste activity is a fun way to learn about 7 groups of animals and what makes each group unique.

Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschooling resources, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.

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