Do you have a heart for generous giving but you’re on a really tight budget? These are some really creative ways to give generously — even when you’re barely squeaking by financially!

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Generous Giving on a Tight Budget

The following reader tip was submitted from Krystal of Rebel With A Good Cause

Generous giving is a value my husband and I are intentional about making a priority — but sometimes our budget feels like the biggest road block to embracing this value.

We’ve had to get creative about giving within the restraints of our budget. If you can relate to this struggle, here are 3 tips that allow us to give generously without breaking the bank.

1. Take an extra dish to a potluck.

I learned this from an elderly lady in our church as a fun way to be anonymously generous.

It’s always nice when there are extra dishes to choose from at potluck dinners. And if you want to reach out and invite someone else to join your meal, you can easily show that you have them covered. It can be as easy as a small box of brownies.

2. Share a meal.

It always cost less to make a little more food than to go out to eat.

This has been a great option with my parents as they have helped us in many ways over the years but they would not consider excepting any payment.

3. Hand Me Down Clothes.

Having been a recipient of this gift, I can not tell you how grateful I was to receive these clothes for my kids. These freebie clothes helped us save money and time.

Hand-me-down clothing are a great way to give to others without spending anything extra.

There are so many ways to be generous. These are just a few of the ways we can give a little bit more without noticing any extra strain on our budget.

What are YOUR favorite ways to give more on a tight budget?

Krystal is a mother, wife, nurse and blogger at Rebel With A Good Cause.

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