This is a weekly list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources compiled by Carrie from If you aren’t a homeschooler, but you’re a parent, teacher, babysitter, or nanny, you’ll probably find at least a few useful freebies in this list. You may also want to go through the Educational Deals and Freebies from earlier this week for more.

General Homeschooling Freebies:

7 Pages of FREE Chore Charts for Kids – Many homeschooling families struggle to keep the house clean and chores done without a fuss. These FREE printable chore charts will help motivate and track your kids’ chores. The graphics on them are perfect for younger children who can’t yet read.

Groundhog Day FREE Printable Pack – This FREE activity pack includes link to groundhog facts, mazes, handwriting practice, vocabulary, coloring pages, a writing prompt and more! Include this pack in your groundhog day studies this year.

FREE Story of Groundhog Day Coloring Book – Your kids will love coloring these pages as they read and learn all about the history of Groundhog Day. This is a great activity to start your studies.

Dragon Books and Activities – FREE Coloring Printable Pages – Do you have any dragon lovers in your home? Whether they love dragons or just fantasy, they are sure to enjoy these books, activities and the FREE printable coloring pages.

FREE Valentine’s Day Themed Drawing Prompts and Coloring Pages – These printable drawing prompts encourage students to use their imaginations to complete the drawings and then color the completed image. Get yours FREE just in time for Valentine’s Day.

President’s Day Copywork – President’s Day is coming up in just a few weeks. This FREE President’s Day copywork pack is a fun way to introduce your children to the different presidents and some of their most famous quotes.

History and Geography Freebies:

Alabama State Bird Coloring Pages – Whether you live in the state of Alabama or you’re studying the 50 states, this FREE printable set of Alabama state bird coloring pages will pair nicely with your studies. This set includes 3 different coloring pages for elementary ages.

Texas State Flag Coloring Pages – If you’re stuyding our second largest state in the union, you don’t want to miss these FREE Texas state flag coloring pages. This set includes three different handwriting styles for elementary ages.

FREE Civil War Printables & Resources for Your Homeschool – If you’re studying the Civil War era, you will love all the resources and printables here. From worksheets to projects and more, you’re covered!

Science & Nature Study Freebies

FREE Interactive Notebooking to Teach the Water Cycle – Interactive notebooks are a fun way to bring any lesson to life. If you’re studying the Water Cycle in your science lessons this year, don’t miss this FREE printable set.

Apologia’s Zoology 3: Land Animals FREE Printables and Ideas – If you’re using the Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 book from Apologia, you will love this huge list of freebies and resources organized by lesson number.

FREE Earthquake Terminology Copywork Notebook – Kids will learn earthquake terminology with this FREE set of copywork. After completion, they will have notebook filled with helpful terms and pages they can color too.

FREE Natural Disasters Notebooking Research Project – This FREE Natural Disasters Notebooking Research Project is based on earthquakes. You will find some questions (and a link for all the research and answers) as well as a general page to research individual earthquakes.

FREE Historic Earthquakes Notebooking Research Journal – If you’re studying natural disasters or your kids just have questions about them, they will enjoy working through this FREE Notebooking Research Journal based on Historic Earthquakes.

Using FREE Printables with Apologia Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures – This huge list is organized by lesson number for science freebies and resources to use along with Exploring Creation with Zoology 2.

Early Learning Freebies

FREE Goldilocks Alphabet Printables – If your little ones love the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, they are sure to love this fun and FREE Printable Alphabet Workbook. Read the story and then have them find the letters on each page!

FREE Handwriting Practice Binder – Whether you have a child that struggles with handwriting formation or they are just learning, these FREE handwriring practice pages will help. This set includes mazes, tracing as well as letter formation practice.

FREE Farm Themed Creativity Prompts with Handwriting Practice for Early Learners – Your little ones will love practicing their handwriting and stretching their creativity with these FREE Farm Themed Trace & Write pages.

Free Language Arts Resources:

A Comprehension Organizer that works for any Fiction Book – This FREE printable comprehension organizer would be perfect for any read-aloud, fictional book, story time, book clubs and book reports.

FREE Reading Record for Tracking Progress – This FREE Tracking printable is a great way to track the reading of your students. It tracks their reading with the MSV (meaning, sound, visual) method to help you assess their progress. This is a wonderful form for your portfolio.

FREE Farm Themed Creative Writing & Illustration Prompts for Elementary – Encourage your elementary students to stretch their imaginations with these FREE Farm Themed Creative Writing & Illustration Prompts. Students will be able to draw a picture and write a short paragraph based on their farm-themed picture.

Learn Figurative Language and Literary Devices with a Valentine’s Day Twist with this FREE Packet – This Valentine’s Day bring some fun to your homeschool with this FREE figurative language and literary device packet. Practice imagery, similies, metaphors, hyperbole and more.

FREE Writing Prompt Calendar for February – Do your children struggle with creative writing? Help keep their minds active with these FREE printable writing prompts for the month of February.

Free Math Resources:

FREE Factoring Puzzles for Math Practice – Are your students learning factoring? Give them a little extra practice with these FREE and fun factoring math puzzles.

Counting to Ten FREE Printable Games for Preschoolers – Is your preschooler learning to count to 10? They will love playing these fun and FREE printable math games to learn or review their counting to ten skills.

Printable Math BINGO Game Pack – Do you have a younger child struggling with their math facts? Make it more fun with these FREE printable Math BINGO game pack. These cards include addition and subtraction facts up to 100.

Free Character Building Resources:

My Feelings and Emotions Tracker (FREE for a Limited Time Only!) – Most children don’t know how to process their feelings. This FREE printable Feelings and Emotions Tracker is a wonderful way to help them not only learn to understand their feelings, but also track them to find patterns and possible triggers.

More Bible Characters Puzzles & Activities – Your kids will love working through these puzzles and activities about more Bible characters! This pack includes crosswords, word searches, sudoku, word scrambles and more!

Free Unit Studies & Fine Arts Resources:

FREE Literature-Based Everywhere God Unit Study – The Everywhere God Unit Study is a literature-based unit study for grades K-4. Kids can grab some paint, marker or crayon and start coloring in this FREE unit study.

FREE Notebooking Unit Studies for all 50 States – Your kids will enjoy studying about studying the 50 states without ever leaving the house with these FREE Notebooking Unit Studies.

Amelia Earhart Mini Unit Study – Are you studying about one of the most famous female aviators, Amelia Earhart? This fun and FREE mini unit study includes a coloring page, short biography, word search, copywork and more.

Older Student Freebies:

Wizard of Oz Cursive Copywork – If your kids love the “Wizard of Oz” movie, they might just love the book too. They will love working on their cursive handwriting while copying these quotes from the book by L. Frank Baum.

History Notebooking Pages for Upper Grades – These notebooking pages generic enough to use with any history unit study, lesson or field trip. This 18-page notebooking set is the perfect addition to any middle or high schooler’s history studies.

Carrie has been homeschooling for over a decade and loves to share FREE homeschooling resources, deals, and reviews over at Homeschool Giveaways. You can find homeschool freebies, free homemaking resources, meal plans, free unit studies, and much more.

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