I took the last few weeks off from setting goals as we were adjusting to life with the sweet newborn baby we are fostering. He needs a lot of extra time and care because of some health issues, so I just focused on loving on him and finding a groove.

I feel like we really have gotten into a good groove and I decided to jump back on the goal-setting train this week — even though I’m 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and moving pretty slow as a result! 🙂

Here’s an update on how I did on my goals from the week of March 30, 2020:

Week 13 Goals for 2020

Personal Goals

1. Get in 54,000 steps total. (I use the FitBit Ulta HR to track my steps every day.) 

2. Finish reading Your New Name, Home Court Advantage, and Zachariah’s Story. Plus, finish listening to The Body Keeps the Score. 

Home/Family Goals

3. Read 30 more pages of Carry a Big Stick aloud as a family. (Maybe we’ll finish it this week?!?)

4. Baby prep stuff: Pack hospital bag for me/Jesse/baby. (I can’t believe it’s now time to do this!! Since I had a super fast labor last time around, I’m hoping to be as prepared as possible this time!)

Work/Blog Goals

5. Finish the rough draft of chapter 8 of my manuscript.

Word of the Year Goals

6. Pop popcorn and watch another classic movie as a family. 

This Week’s Goals — 2020 — Week 16

Personal Goals

1. Get in 40,000 steps total. (I use the FitBit Ulta HR to track my steps every day.) 

2. Finish reading Stay and Heartfelt Discipline. Read at least 10 chapters of The Librarian of Auschwitz.

Home/Family Goals

3. Read 3 chapters of The Boy on the Wooden Box aloud to the kids.

4. Go through maternity clothes and pare down/donate.

Work/Blog Goals

5. Work on editing chapters 1-6 of my manuscript. Work on Afterword.

Word of the Year Goals

6. Have a family Game Night.

What are YOUR goals for this week? How did you do on last week’s goals? Tell us in the comments!

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