Want to know the best products in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? In this post, I share my top 20 resources from the bundle to help you determine whether you should invest in this special bundle.

If you missed yesterday’s Completely Honest Review post read it here.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

This year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is jam-packed with a huge variety of resources on everything from homeschooling to cleaning to decluttering to marriage to self care to working from home… and so much more!

As I talked about in my honest review yesterday, there are 104 resources in all and it can feel like a LOT of stuff to wade through. In fact, I know some of you are wondering whether you should purchase at all because it just seems like so much and it can feel daunting and overwhelming!

I Went Through Every One of the 104 Resources for You!

To help you decide whether purchasing is right for you and/or to help you know where to start after you purchase, I bought the bundle and then downloaded and went through every single resource in it.

I shared some of my overall thoughts from the bundle in this honest review post (if you missed it, read it here). Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite products from the bundle.

Remember, I Am Biased.

While I tried to pick resources that I liked best and felt brought the most value, please keep in mind that I am biased and have personal preferences. 🙂 So I can’t guarantee that you’ll agree with my list nor can I promise that you’ll agree with me on my picks.

However, I hope this helps you decide whether purchasing the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle would be a good investment for you. And I also hope it provides a great starting point for those of you who purchase the bundle.

Okay, Ready for My Top 20 List?

I have listed the products in alphabetical order below, just as they are listed in the portal to download after you purchase.

101 Screen Free Activities

This is a simple ebook but it had a lot of great ideas and would be perfect for inspiration as we head into summer. It’s set up so you could print the ideas cards and put them on your fridge or on a little ring any time you need screen-free ideas.

Yes, you could probably search online and scrounge up your own list of ideas from different posts and articles. However, it’s nice to have the work all done for you in this ebook. Note: I thought the design quality could have been improved. 

A Heart for Hospitality by Jami Balmet

This course is very much from a Christian perspective and the first few sessions won’t apply to you if you’re not Christian. But I thought it was packed with so many practical ideas for how to open up your home and life and show hospitality!

Many of you have asked for more practical hospitality ideas after my post on Just Open the Door. If that’s you, you’ll definitely want to check out this course!

It covers hospitality on a budget, how to be hospitable when you have a tiny house or apartment, simple meal plans for when you invite people over, creative hospitality ideas, recipes, cleaning checklists to keep your home company ready, and more.

Begin Your Biz in 15 Minutes a Day

Y’all. This ebook is a gem!

If you are thinking of starting a business or if you already have a business, you need to check it out. It gives you 15 minute daily projects to tackle to successfully set up your business.

I found that it was so thorough and doable. In fact, I wanted to go through it for my businesses because I feel like I have some holes in my systems and processes and this would be a great refresher!

Brush Lettering 101

I loved this course and want to go through it in-depth and practice the strokes and letters. The course creator does such a great job of breaking down the steps to successful brush lettering.

She gives fantastic examples of how to hold your pen and your arm, what kind of pressure to use, and what drills you should do to really improve your skills. She makes you feel like you can actually do this and she provides great Drill worksheets to really practice and become proficient.

(There’s also a Hand Lettering ebook in the bundle that teaches you how to write different greetings for cards, etc. which would go hand-in-hand with this course!)

Bust Out of the Makeup Rut

This helpful course is put together Alison from Get Your Pretty On. I loved how hands on and personable she was in it.

It didn’t feel like one of the fancy videos put together by gorgeous models. Instead, it was a real mom giving real makeup tips for the everyday woman.

Also, I picked up some new tips I’d never heard of before. (Concealer after foundation?? Say what?? Brilliant!)

If you are wanting to have a better chore system for the summer (or to start right now!), these two are fantastic options.

The Command Center for Kids would be great for younger kids (say maybe 4-8 years old) and the Chore Board Printable Pack would be great for ages 8+.

Want to add some sparks back into your relationship or just need some inspiration to make intentional date nights a priority?

These Date Night Checkists are so fun — and so well done!

Declutter Your House in a Weekend

I loved how beautifully done this ebook was and how doable and step-by-step it felt. Plus, there are printables to go with each step.

If you need a plan and a kick in the pants to get your house decluttered, check out this short but incredibly well done ebook.

Encourage My Tween Child's Heart

As someone who is very much in this season, I loved the very practical ideas in here of how to connect with your kids, ask better questions, affirm your kids, offer them opportunities to build character, and encourage them to serve others.

Etsy Quickstart Guide

If you are thinking of starting an Etsy shop anytime soon or are just curious what all is involved in the process, you’ll want to read this ebook. I felt like it was a very valuable resource to get a basic overview of how to set up a successful Etsy shop.

There were a lot of screenshots and step-by-step instructions that would be perfect for anyone who feels intimidated by what it takes to get started on Etsy!

Guilt Free Guide to Summer

The creator of these videos has so much energy and enthusiasm and is really relatable. Plus, the videos are high-quality.

That said, the creator’s energy might feel a little over the top, but she has some very practical ideas for a way to set up your summer for success in this course. She covers routines, chores, intentional time as a family, goals for summer, meal times, having fun, and more.

How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Home

Since we’re getting ready to start in on our bathroom remodel and also plan to paint the walls on our main floor this year, I was excited about this ebook!

The ebook was short but also very in-depth and I found some really helpful tips for how to decide which paint color is best.

How to Host an Incredibly Profitable Garage Sale

As someone who has held many garage sales and made thousands of dollars from them, I was interested to see what the advice in this ebook would be.

I was pleasantly surprised that almost all of the suggestions and tips were spot-on and I can vouch for the fact that they work! In fact, I bet that following just a few of the suggestions in this ebook would pay for the price of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and then quite a bit more!

I did disagree with the pricing that the author suggested in the ebook (I thought it was too high, but maybe it would work for certain parts of the country?), but otherwise, I thought it was a very valuable read!

Lean Fit 1.0

Looking for a workout program you can do at home? In this ebook, you’ll get a workout program complete with printable checklists and daily workouts. It’s a well-designed ebook and has great photos in it, too.

Mom to Mompreneur

Want to start a blog? This well-done ebook will walk you through all the steps you need to take to get your blog successfully up and running in 30 days.

I especially loved the strong emphasis on branding and colors and graphics. They are such an important part of successfully building a blog in this visually driven online world.

Online Safety Handbook

While I think the design of this ebook is kind of visually distracting and some of the content seemed a bit outdated, I think the information in this ebook is really, really important. As someone who spends a lot of time on the internet and on social media, I am a huge advocate of parents understanding the dangers that are out there.

This book does a great job of making parents and caregivers aware of ways that kids are preyed on and ways that the internet and social media can have a very detrimental impact on kids. Plus, there are lots of tips and suggestions for ways to set up safeguards for our families and kids.

The Stay at Home Mom's Year-Round Outfit Guide

I loved this ebook! If you need some outfit inspiration, don’t miss it.

It helps you put together capsule wardrobes and then gives you outfit formulas for creating adorable outfits from these capsule wardrobes — for every season! And the outfits were almost all really cute and totally my style!

The Swap: The Lazy Genius Guide to Decluttering

This well-designed ebook helps you think through areas where you tend to struggle with clutter and come up with creative solutions. I love Kendra’s no-nonsense approach to life and it really shines through in her wisdom and suggestions in this ebook.

TIme Blocking 101

This fantastic workbook helps you to account of how you’re spending your time and find ways to be much more effective and intentional.

I loved the beautiful design of the ebook and it just made me want to jump in and follow through with the outlined plan in the book. Plus, the printables were super helpful!

Bonus Product I Highly Recommend — Offer Ends Tonight!

If you are thinking of purchasing the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, you should definitely consider doing so by tonight at midnight!

Why? Because you’ll get a cool Early Bird Bonus that I personally found so inspiring and helpful.

It’s called The Cozy Minimalist Embraces Summer. This course is put together by Myquillyn who blogs at The Nester and is the author of Cozy Minimalist.

I loved this course! It has great photos. Plus, it offers really actionable and practical ideas to help you to set up your home beautifully for summer.

My favorite part was how Myquillyn teaches you how to use sight, sound, scent, taste, and touch to bring a summer look and feel to your home. And, in her usual style, she shows you how to use what you already have to create a really amazing look for your home.

Best of all, she shares really helpful pictures showing you how she makes simple tweaks to arrange different spots in her home for each season. If you want to make your home look a little cozier and tidier for summer, don’t miss this Early Bird Bonus!

The Cozy Minimalist Embraces Summer course is usually $29 by itself, but you’ll get it for FREE when you purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle by Thursday evening.

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

P.S. This bundle is backed by a 30-day happiness guarantee. If you’re not sure whether this is a good fit for you but you think it is, you can go ahead and purchase. If for any reason, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can request a full refund — no questions asked.

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