The limited-edition rose gold version of the American Express® Gold Card isn’t going to be available for much longer, so if you want one, now’s a good time to put in your request.

In early October, AmEx revamped the American Express® Gold Card, debuting a bevy of new benefits, a flashy metal construction and a higher annual fee of $250. As part of the launch, AmEx also debuted a rose gold metal edition of the card, alongside the standard gold metal design. New and existing cardholders can request this rose gold card through Jan. 9.

So far, the new design has been a hit. AmEx reports that 60% of people who signed up for the new card requested rose gold instead of standard gold. If you already carry the American Express® Gold Card and want to get the rose gold version, or if you’ve been thinking about applying for the card, you still have time to make the switch.

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How to request a rose gold card

Both new cardholders and existing cardholders can request a rose gold version of the American Express® Gold Card through Jan. 9. Here’s how:

  • New cardholders: You can choose between the two versions of the card when you’re signing up for it either online or by phone.
  • Existing cardholders: Call the number on the back on your card to request a new metal card, and you’ll have the option of selecting rose gold or standard gold. Existing cardholders can request a switch to the standard gold design at any time.

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Photo courtesy of American Express

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